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Virginia Produce Company Inc

Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.

Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.

Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.




Our number one  goal at Virginia Produce Company is to be a leader in the industry in safety and compliance, which are achieved through programs and practices that reflect our commitment to food safety, quality and defense.


Our Food Safety Team stays updated on science and regulatory developments in the food industry, keeping managers and employees informed of all the latest advancements and changes in food safety and quality. Our Quality Management System guarantees food safety, regulatory compliance and quality standards by applying the  requirements of SQF, Preventive Controls, GMPs and the Customer Complaint Program, among others.

  • Preventive Controls for Human Food-A proactive approach to food safety emphasizig the preventive controls approach which has been universally accepted and adopted throughout the world because it helps to focus attention on the most important areas to prevent food safety issues rather than reacting to problems as they arise.
  • GMPs- (Good Manufacturing Practices) include all manufacturing practices that ensure food safety and quality, including standard operating procedures and work instructions, employee management and training, equipment design and maintenance, and material handling. 

SQF Certified

The staff at VPC combines years of experience, education and training, providing an enormous body of knowledge to our Quality Assurance Program. Together with a comprehensive food safety plan, we are able to meet and exceed federal regulatory standards in the fresh produce industry. Through our yearly SQF audit and review, we are able to continually improve our processes to create a better product.