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Virginia Produce Company Inc

Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.

Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.

Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.Planting Seeds. Growing People. Harvesting hope.

Our History



Keith Beamer (pictured at top left) started Beamer's Produce .  He bought  fresh fruit and vegetables and sold them from the back of his truck. 

He also delivered to stores throughout Southwest Virginia.

Keith Beamer on left and son Moir Beamer on the right, with family around time retail market openend


Keith Beamer and his son, Moir opened a retail Produce market in Marion Virginia while also maintaining wholesale distribution. (Keith is pictured on the far left and Moir on the right. Picture was taken around the time they opened their first retail market).



Moir Beamer opened Virginia Produce Company.  He wanted to develop a company that specialized in value added products and expand on developing farms in Virginia.  He began with only 14 employees.

(Pictured: Keith Beamer at the opening of Virginia Produce Company)


As business grew, farmers began to quit their day jobs and manage their farms full time.  They also acquired more land to support the growing demand for local produce.



VPC manages approximately 43 farms with 50% being in the state of Virginia, many of them in Carroll County.

VPC moves into its new 130,00 sq. ft. facility and increases employment.

(Pictured from left to right, Kevin Beamer, Jennifer Hawks and Moir Beamer).